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Complete brand overhaul

When it was time to accurately position Kalahari as the premium brand they are, Handmade Media rose to the challenge. Embracing their heritage, we completely reinvented the brand’s visual identity while staying true to their core principles and commitment to quality.

What we did

New main website

Created a new custom website to more clearly and accurately communicate the brand's value offering, divisions and core principles.

Brand development

We created a visual and brand identity guideline as a first step in maintaining a consistent and defined brand look and feel across all platforms.

New ecommerce website

We completely re-created their online shop in line with the new brand guidelines and with an efficient customer journey in mind.

Social media management

We set up and optimized all social media channels, and we consistently create and release relevant content on their various channels.

Packaging &
fleet design

We re-branded their 23-vehicle fleet (or moving billboards as we like to call them) and designed their new packaging according to their brand guidelines.


We produced original video content and high-quality images of their brand and products to showcase them in the best possible light.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 100438.png
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